Our Story

The Rover is our founder Shruti Kumar's brainchild. Formerly a digital product designer, Shruti always harboured a passion for art and jewellery and The Rover was conceptualised in 2015. Having run multiple successful businesses over the past decade, along with product design, Shruti finally took the plunge into designing jewellery full time a couple of years ago.

A rover is essentially something that explores, roams, wanders. Someone who is a nomad, a gypsy, a traveller. Shruti says, "My brand is my alter ego. I've been travelling, wandering, exploring for decades, collecting pretty things, getting inspired by jewellery, art and nature during my travels."

"The Rover is a culmination, an artistic expression, a channel of all that I've lived through, and taken inspiration from. And when you purchase a piece of our jewellery, I want you to become a Rover too! Take it to the ends of the world!!! Help me get to the places I've never been so that I can see it through your eyes."